Unwanted guest


filled with your absence

the house and I wait

both knowing it is everywhere


in the living room it is blocking the telly

and in the bathroom mirror

it is your face not being there

that I see


at night I can hear

your absence soundlessly sneaking up the stairs

claiming the bed

and it won’t stay on your half

grabbing all blankets


your absence is becoming a frequent guest now

demanding attention

keeping me busy

filling the house

till you come back



Comments on: "Unwanted guest" (87)

  1. belfastdavid said:

    This terrific Ina,

    I have read it three or four times to get the full meaning and appreciated it more each time.

    I will likely be back to read it again πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ You made my day thanks!
      I wanted a sort of abstract idea as a touchable existence lol. (This sounds more complicated than it is really) I am trying one now with death as such.

      Hope you had a good night in spite of cracks.

  2. thingy said:

    Wow. This is so good. Wow.

  3. amazing expression…


  4. strangely enough, I can relate to that. I feel this poem, Ina, and it does speak to me. the absence of someone can leave such an impression on us that it takes on a silhouette, that is incomplete, unwanted. Just an outline, when we wish for a filled art πŸ™‚ liked it very much!

  5. this is a very emotional poem. well done,I love it

  6. Absence can be consuming, inescapable, and unwelcomed. You have expressed that so well here. Beautiful and deeply moving.

  7. “your absence is becoming a frequent guest now”

    my favorite line ❀

  8. You expressed the frustration of missing a beloved person so accurately. Nice work! πŸ™‚

  9. Great poem I love the personification in ‘the house and I wait’. Well done

  10. Great connection between absence and presence. Wonderfully worded. A nice twist.


  11. Idon’t think my first comment went through, so I’ll write it again. I absolutely love the connection between absence and presence.


  12. Abscence makes the heart grow fonder !
    Nice post for the Rally

  13. I automatically think of my husband and only hope I never have to endure very long absences. Wonderfully written.

  14. wow – you nailed this – excellent poetry, well done!

  15. absence is what makes presence unbearable at one point…loved the poem…loved it much!

  16. The frustration and longing really comes through, fantastic poem!

  17. “your absence is becoming a frequent guest now
    demanding attention
    keeping me busy
    filling the house
    till you come back” what a meaningful para..loved it.

  18. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom said:

    nicely delivered. i love it! i love the flow and how you conveyed the thoughts of missing someone and that someone might no longer come back. really felt the emotion in the words.

    please check mine too: “Beyond Silent Wars”

  19. When the waiting becomes too much to handle… lovely poem Ina…

  20. ladynimue said:

    Its amazing how absence reminds us a lot more of the person’s presence in the house ..

    Wonderful lines !

  21. The absence is the longing, still reminding that he was still there..that through everything that went pass, something is still loss..

    here is my link : http://mypoetrywriting.blogspot.com/2011/04/postcard-from-heaven.html

  22. a new style? its great ina and tq for coming by mine..

  23. What a nice way to tell “missing”!

  24. Sina Saberi said:

    wow…i almost shed a tear 😦

  25. lolsssss

    Et..? Nah.. love!!
    Beautiful words and amazingly composed.. kudos

    Hugs xox

  26. Thank you very much all fiveloaf seabell sina and olivia πŸ™‚

  27. Oh, that’s in absolute harmony with my inside right now, even my poem is about someone’s presence gone … very nicely expressed emotions! Loved the word choice!

  28. I know exactly what that ‘absence as a presence’ feels like, and you’ve captured it so well. Another super poem.

  29. extremely thoughtful words

  30. ..please visit poets who are here, but you did not reach initially, thanks, we call it return favors, part of the rule,
    bless your Friday.

  31. I enjoyed it — and it is so true, too. Our absent loved ones are as much with us in absence as presence.

  32. it is so beautiful and sad. waiting.
    the format pushs it home like a bullet.

  33. A.B. Thomas said:

    This was an utterly delight to ingest!

  34. Like this one…I have felt many absences and this poem speaks to me. I can still feel that feeling inside.

  35. wow.. I loved this.. so sad… but, beautifully expressed.

  36. Hmmm…this is really tough to think about…I am feeling the same way, especially when hubby leaves for many months of work away…the feeling is there especially when he had just left…but soon I would get accustomed to it till he will be back again…:)

    At least it is just temporary absence unlike in your poem!

    Great writing, I love it! πŸ™‚

  37. I really like the idea of absence put forth here, very poetic.

  38. Wow!!! luv the way you put “miss you” so effectively

  39. I absolutely love this poem. So many different thought ramifications happened in my head for every line. Quite impactful.

  40. Sad. 😦

  41. i absolutely loved this….
    very beautifully said

  42. A very good poem, an absence can be strangely overpowering. You expressed it so well. One of the best!

  43. I love the twist between showing the opposite of what is. It is very different and unique! Great Poem!

  44. lovely inversion =)

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