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To part

I can not say goodbye forever now,
I never could, I don’t know how to part
Leaving a stone where used to be your heart.

In Autumn orange leaves play hide and seek,
They find each other down on Earth, yet birth,
Another memory, is catching up with me.

I can not say goodbye forever and I never could,
This will be a mention of a time to be alone,
It’s nothing more. We’ve been apart before.

The walk

The battlefields are covered up with roses
Where we go, a Viking ship is sailing
through the sky.

We walk together but how far are we? We only
Know each other’s company, how many poses
Do we take in turn, to not let go?

The Spanish guitar whispers about death
But does so calmly as we watch the sun set burn.
And feel, you say, feel this fading evening flow.
The gentle, heavy load.

Moving on across the high grass fields
Till darkness comes, we face
The final forking of the unknown road.

Fading man

Now a day has melted
You stand before our night:
A man, a silhouette
Facing trembling orange
Against a fading world
Where no frameable dreams
Plight troth. And star by star
Your features move away.
Some lark is singing though.
Another miracle
Awaits beyond this dusk.

You are my zoo

Locust wise you found a way
Through the maze of my life,
Leaping over social boundaries.

You have become a bat at night
Finding me in the tar of darkness.
A snake in bed. You are my private zoo.


A dream a day

We did not get out of the house that week,
As it rained and we had plenty of food.
There were books and music could be heard
From next door where a piano was played.

We soon stopped talking. We watched
The wallpaper free itself from the moist wall
And Chopin had enough to say for us both.

Then one morning the sun shone
And I opened the door. All was different
As I realized you had not been here for years
And the neighbour together with his piano
Had moved out months ago.


There used to be a place here in the dunes
A natural port where ships would anchor,
Now reed welters the drunkards’ walk.

The moon is the sail, and the crows on board
Talk sailors’ slang while the night owl listens
To the shanties sung for those who are lost.

Once the drunkards roamed back to their vessels,
Their arms reaching out branches, their shoulders
To their shoulders, while singing they faded.

Sand blew over and covered to forget
But the crows’ offspring will still imitate
The mates and the captains singing at night.


Chasing fern fires alone,
The night an adventure
For the dead and living.

Onwards through the forest
Indigo shadows follow
The shadows of footsteps.

New land, unknown to birds
At night, the sounds more loud,
This death to those alive:

To be alone, unsearched,
Unknowing of the dawn,
An echo crying: “Over”.

Superior in evolution

The smiling seagull
Is flying past my window;
At the same time I hear an F16
That must be bound
For bombing somewhere far
But remains unseen
And for a moment I don’t understand
The door bell ringing,
As the phone does too.
These are confusing times.

Perhaps we are at war,
( not using those F16’s surely! )
And nothing rhymes no more.
The plane, now moving in the wrong direction,
Fades. I am lost for decision
– phone or door –
And smash the phone
While the smiling seagull
Drops his shit load on my welcome visitor
With superior precision.

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