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The latest light came over us
And we had no more than the moon,
A fire place, a candle lit, a match to go by;
Stars. Each other and a sea to feel.

We were simply happy for no reason
In a world of darkness,
In a thought under the moon,
In a night all over us.

Because you say so

Most happiness I find discovering how
The mind can wonder off
And take a voyage
Into someone else’s thought,

And to find treasures where I never sought
And to see mountains where I’ve never been
And never seen;

Feel rocks, the way they breathe
Through another hand resting, see
Through other eyes seeing, now

To feel comfort in you reassuring that
All will be fine one day.
And through your voice I do believe
That it is true of what you say.


I want the world to let me be
As I shall let the world

(There is enough said about what is going on in the world, just google the right words if you want more. I am disgusted, feel for the victims, and go on with living. That is my act of resistance.)

I shall not do this

The lines between us spoken, no pauses,
Keep us together for a while, for this time, but
What happens if we stop
Talking about weather and work and politics (such matter that doesn’t),
When silence takes over the space between us,
Rudely digging in mines of what is our distance? I could do.
This, and still be here with you, but you? We are apart.
I shall not do this. Not start.
I think it might rain, but the
Fish tasted nice, don’t go yet.
Hold this frail silver line
To safety as I shall rescue you
As you shall rescue me.

I do not want this

Extending my awareness I shiver,
Shutting my eyes – no resolution.
I do not want this:
This fever, fear, a premonition of
A flooding river, my own bareness,
I must abandon all I am
To overcome that last fall to the sea.

A dream a day

We did not get out of the house that week,
As it rained and we had plenty of food.
There were books and music could be heard
From next door where a piano was played.

We soon stopped talking. We watched
The wallpaper free itself from the moist wall
And Chopin had enough to say for us both.

Then one morning the sun shone
And I opened the door. All was different
As I realized you had not been here for years
And the neighbour together with his piano
Had moved out months ago.


My memory of how we met that day
Before we fell in love, before we knew,
Is gaining golden layers in every May,
And more and more is speaking about you.

It happened suddenly: out of the blue
You stood before me. What was I to say?
We did what strangers are supposed to do;
The smiling of our eyes gave us away.

We tried to lie about it though ’t was true
That I would never want to leave, but stay
And for a while I thought you had no clue.
We were to part again, our love astray.

Now we’re two strangers on the quay, you say,
Both watching sailing ships move in the bay.


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