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My memory of how we met that day
Before we fell in love, before we knew,
Is gaining golden layers in every May,
And more and more is speaking about you.

It happened suddenly: out of the blue
You stood before me. What was I to say?
We did what strangers are supposed to do;
The smiling of our eyes gave us away.

We tried to lie about it though ’t was true
That I would never want to leave, but stay
And for a while I thought you had no clue.
We were to part again, our love astray.

Now we’re two strangers on the quay, you say,
Both watching sailing ships move in the bay.

The teller

She told me my future on a cold Summer’s day,
On the quay of the harbour in Whitby,
And it sounded too weird for my ears to believe.

But while seven years passed, her predictions came true
Like she said, one by one. (I’am still due for more offspring
and some very good luck.) How she knew?

If she’s still there, and psychic enough,
She will know I’ll be grateful as long as I live
For her viewing and all of her magic.


Poetry event “Dichter bij zee 2015″


Yesterday evening was the poetry event “Dichter bij zee 2015″ , where people read their own poetry. There also was a nationally known poet, Ruben van Gogh, and the winner of the poetry competition was announced. For the category of 16+ the winning poem was “Ook jij niet”, written by me. :) So there I was on stage.

Last year, my poem “Verrinneweerd” also wan, a shared first price. I translated the poem “Devastated” and put in on my blog. It will be in Roads 2. I had put it on the Poetry from the sea blog and this year a reader told me she had found the poem on a scarf that she bought at C&A in Germany. So they had just taken the text from my blog.

I googled, the scarf is on sale in various countries. I also purchased 2 to have some evidence. Nice scarfs :) My publisher is dealing with the matter now, and I do hope some right will be done.


I am not sure I can translate “Ook jij nog” but I shall give it a try later on.

For now, I am very grateful and a little proud to have been involved in the event.

This is the poem in Dutch:
Ook jij niet

Een heftig paars vervaagt tot roze pulp,
Mijn aderen bewegen als ik adem,
Voortgedreven zonder hulp:
Ik ben, maar nu al niet meer die ik was.

Van aanvang af is er een eerder,
Het wordt niet minder en niet meer want
alles stroomt, soms alle kanten uit.
Ik luister naar het sterkere geluid,
Aan alle kanten raast het leven langs me.

Waar het begin is van ons bondje weet ik niet,
En waar het einde wacht, wat kan het schelen.
Zoals de luchten nooit hetzelfde zijn,
Kan ik niet blijven wie ik ben. Ook jij niet, die
Van alle stromen de meest meegaande was.

Black, no sugar

Are my thoughts really silent for another?
Or does sound escape from the bone walls of my skull?
As sometimes you do speak my mind so well
And I often scream my silent wonder, so
It would make sense to me
That by hearing you could tell.

Is my hope of private thoughts a disillusion?
Confusion, I start thinking you are psychic,
All my feelings, likes and dislikes an open book perhaps.

Then you ask me about coffee, milk and sugar?
Stuff I think that you would know.
Relieved I realise
My secret thoughts will never show.
Black! No sugar!



The tree we thought had died,
is green now,
this miracle is May,
exploding and emerging
from such fragile eggs,
from most vulnerable mammals,
out of wasted grounds, belief
and in polluted seas, it comes,
from hope against a better judgement,
out of the blue
out of pain and grief
with amazing colours, driven
by a force so strong,
in ancient sounds.
The earth renews.
What almost went,
once more a chance is given.

One with the world

I step out the door and the world steps inside me,
Streets carry my blood, the sky is my skin.
I walk as the hours turn over the world.

The moon might be dream, the darkness will sleep me.
I step out the door and the world steps inside me.
The trees are my arms holding on to each other.

Through water I walk, but the water is me,
And birds start to know me as birds of a feather.
I walk as the hours turn over the world.

Old photo

Come have a look at how it was to be:
The quietness and turquoise walls, a day
In sunshine never ending, you and me.

This photo shows it all and let us see
The colours of our love when it was May.
Come have a look at how it was to be

When both of us expected either way
We would be blessed for our eternity
In sunshine. Never ending. You and me.

The image, ruined by perfect stains of tea,
Has nothing more to add, no more to say.
Come have a look at how it was to be.

Our days have been, time is a referee.
We both seek shelter, hide in fear and pray
In sunshine, never ending you and me.

The photo you tore up deliberately
Shows ghosts, who, now it is our time to pay,
Come have a look at how it was to be
In sunshine. Never ending. You and me.


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