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Love stolen night



A pub full of people and  you standing there

drinking your last glass of dark coloured beer

The music  not louder than hollow hard  laughter


Images fading in smokey thick  air

somewhere in between, we were going somewhere

or was it after


An  iron bed with torn and cold sheets

you opened the window to let go the white dove

it silently flew in the dark coloured night


Away from the people and away from the laughter

we shivered in a night stolen for love

we shivered in a love stolen night




The foghorn hauling


the foghorn hauling

while the moist air takes our breath

it is so hard to say goodbye in November

darkness and the smell of death

the cold mist

and the tired ferry blows its whistle hoarse

and sad

what of this day will you remember?

the lighthouse slowly turns its beams over my head

forever gone the tired ferry

hollow footsteps in our street

an early neighbour on his bike

says nothing, he just nods his head

a million tears are spread

in the moister lighthouse light

the foghorn hauling


you walked with me to the early ferry

your  smell so sweet

of night and warm of love

the foghorn cried when I last embraced you

we whispered : bye

as you turned round to go back home

I saw you cry

saying goodbye

in November is so hard

as the ferry met the sea

I could still hear

the foghorn hauling

Old oak



October. When you left me and went, it was Fall

And I was such a mess, hurting so bad

It was when that tree started to grow really tall

It grew and many storms it has had


Every year it got taller and stronger

In Summer it gave me shelter and shade

October again now, I wait for you  no longer

The tree lost its leaves again, colours will fade


Now  there is a light shining behind the tree

In the sky, a shining star so  very bright

In Orion,  that first I could not see

When the tree was in the way of the light


You won’t come back, but seasons keep returning

When there is need of shade , the leaves be there

And in Winter, the star I shall see burning

So worry not, for me you need not care



entry for Jingle’s potluck


We met again by chance




The stench of yesterdays fish

Glistering wet sidewalks

No traffic. England at night


There you were, so bloody handsome

There I was, so bloody young

Slipped away from  parental sight


I was shivering and your coat too big for me

It smelt of sweat, wet dogs and aftershave

The pub was near, ‘t was called “The Bloody Knight”


You bought me a shandy, I wanted wine, the smoke of hundreds of cigarettes fading your face,  melting it all togeter

I got sick, threw up in the loo

Of the  bloody knight


Both with no money, one drink was already too dear

The cold fresh air , the romance was over

As  we hurried outside


Eight years later we met again, by accident or fate

You recognized me on that train

On your way to that early flight


You bought me wine

And gave me your coat again

And now we spent the night








Thursday poets rally

Fun to do, and educational. A rally for poems. Long lost friend is my entry for week 32, click here to read!





Just a haiku because of the marathon that is taking place here:

old and spring chickens
thousands run and never fall
under autumn clouds

My poem for the next rally will show up here on this blog soon I hope 🙂 (Haven’t come around to make one yet 🙂 )

this weeks rally!

my nomination: is words4afriend, ScottBL, poem: Signature.

Long lost friend

Against the sweet colors of the setting sun

the clouds started to fade when there existence had just begun

and when I wanted to shut my curtains down, well there he was.

His face had wrinkles now, his hair was white but still I knew he came for me, and I was right.

We drank all night

not many words were shared

under the cover

and when the clouds came back again, and sunlight shone again, he went.

I may never see him back again, never hear his voice still I know

he is my friend

more so than he was my lover

I wrote and published this poem on Growing Bolder on 22 August 2010, and also on Open Salon.

Also entered on Helium 4 Nov. 2010 and Thursday Poets Rally week 32

entered for thursday poets rally week 32

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