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One year

One year ago today my mother died, this is a song of her funeral.

Foot loose, a true horror story

Okay, this is a serious matter: Saturday a week ago, a human foot was found on the beach here on Terschelling.Β  A family who was taking a walk found the macabre body part, that was still in a sock. A shoe was found nearby, and the remains were taken to Den Helder where DNA research will be done.

Horrific find.

But that is not all. Another foot has been found, more than a month ago: a right foot, size 46Β  (so probably male) but this time the finding was done in Hull in Great Britain, across the North Sea.Β  The connection with the other foot was made because the manufacturer of the shoes was contacted twice: once about the right shoe and once about the left one. The feet are probably from one and the same person.

Whose feet are they? How did they end up on the beach, here and there?

Although it is a bit creepy, it is interesting as well.

Hull is quite a bit away from Terschelling.Β  Any suggestions?

A few years ago, thousands of shoes washed ashore here.

And I also wrote about dangling shoes in the tree across the street.

Not that one thing has something to do with the other. Or… do they… :mrgreen:

Gone for a year!

There he went. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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