Haiku Senryu Naisaiku

we modified wolf
killed its instinct to eat us
we so love nature


cat watching the bird
the sound of tinopener
gone is the instinct


some moments are like that
two minds loving each other
honoured with a smile


nights without loving
cold shivering are my dreams
waiting for your hands
loving hands waiting
nights shivering without cold
for my dreams are you

the birds in the cage
thinking the same thing I do:
bars blocking the view

blue skies over gold
a promise in the morning
but evening will be grey

we both on that road
how the tarmac burnt our feet
never we went back

when I was writing
I forgot I was writing
as it was living


maybe it is true
sex is communication
you stutter a lot


standing is this tree
awaiting a new Sunrise
that comes as always


wise old men know this
going for a pee at nights
sleep in much better

Comments on: "Haiku Senryu Naisaiku" (12)

  1. our relationship with the natural world, lovely images, and some humor

  2. Sharp, unique slants that do great justice to the form. Enjoyed.

  3. Wonderful, Ina, and my favorites are 4,5,9 & 10! xx

  4. Simply a pleasure to visit your site and read your words

  5. I like number 5 best.

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