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Holiday plans




Let’s not go to Egypt right now

Although it is said to be save


Let’s not go to France

We are too old for romance

Well you are 😛

Let’s not go to Greece or to Spain


Let’s not go to Finland and not to Hong Kong

And if this was not a poem but some kind of song

I would think of a silly refrain

Let’s not go to places by boat nor by  train

Not by car and certainly nowhere by plane

Let’s go nowhere at all

Let’s wait till it’s fall

And till then let’s just stay where we are

It is safe, it is cheap and  most important  of all

It is not far

Not far

Let’s stay home till they sorted things out everywhere

and I still refuse to go places by air!





A brighter look on sleepless nights




Sometimes day has no signs of beginning

But a bird is already singing

It is dark, yet a lark tries a different song


Sometimes  nights  just are a few hours too long

And the birds have all gone for the season

In those nights with no end I just think of you

For it gives sleepless nights a good reason




entry for jingle thursday rally

The downside of past




There is no reason to dwell in the downside of past

As the past as we knew it was not meant to last

All the shadows are gone and the spiders as well

That came out of the dreamt closet drawers


The downside of past has no reason to be

And it surely won’t have a host here in me

Let the downside of past be forgotten and dead

And let this be the last thing on past that  was said!




The Last Lover




Will you be the last lover

the one to hold me in my hour of fear

will you be the one then

to kiss away the pain and,  if any, a tear


The white curtains moved

when the window was open

the breeze from the sea

was caressing my skin


It is getting so dark now

as the light has been fading

and I forgot:  have I, or not,  let you in?


Will you be near me in my darkness

or will it just be

the breeze of the sea

whispering a farewell to me?


Will the sea be

my lover

at last




entry for jingle’s poetry

every line in his face




every line in his face she knows well

every spot on his skin is so  dear

as he sleeps

while she reads

as he reads

while she eats

as they go through their daily routine

stumbling through old age and ignoring old pain

so much said

during  soothing silence of being together


the thought that one day he might be gone

is the only cry in her nights

is her fear

and only then

she is one minute






let’s just sit  in the dunes by the sea

nothing needs to be told

we shelter each other from cold

a ship in full sails to a far  destiny

as the waves sing their song

like drowned sailors who died a  long time ago

or are they just seagulls crying

let us stay by the sea

and listen to them

and don’t think at all about dying

not yet


entry for jingle poetry potluck

Little Thriller

He pointed his gun in front of him when he smoothly, without a sound, entered the bedroom. There was the body, on the bed. Not a sound was to be heard, outside, nor inside.
He quickly checked the well furnished, yet dated bedroom. Paisley wallpaper, brown beige carpet, lots of family pics. Nice big family. He smiled.
Then he got a scare. Right in front of him, there stood a hissing tiger. As calm as possible, he stared at the animal till it jumped out of the window.
He sighed. Relieved. So far, so good. He approached the big double bed with roses on the covers that looked very familiar… but a noise behind him made him turn around. His hand trembled as he aimed. It was the door that fell shut.
The body moved.

“O hi sweetie, good thing that gun is red and plastic or you would have given me a real scare! Come and sit with your gran so I can give you a hug! Happy 4th birthday boy! Now where is Kitty?”

Don’t cry over me anymore



Don’t be sad, we were not meant to be

It was a forbidden fling

Not love, but just a phase


I walk along the restless sea

Thinking of what might have been

Elsewhere in  time and place


My true love is beside me

He knows me in and out

And I keep in his pace


Goodbye for ever to a friend

As friends we can not be

This phase had but to sadly end

So I will set you free




Far gone friend



Far, too far away are you

Not just in distance but in soul

And though I would, there’s  nothing I can do

One day your sanity will pay a bitter toll

There is so much I gladly would have done

If only you would have let me

But it’s too late, and now you’re too far gone



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