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the river


Sometimes a wrinkle is a river

and the eyes are the fountain

where  tears gather to stream

That is what wrinkles are for

I told my grandmother

And she agreed


the old woman


As the ferry left the cold harbour

She was still standing there on the quay

With her grey hair waving

And her hand shaking

Everything moving, still she was a rock

She didn’t want to go

Be a part of the boarding flock

Just to go to the mainlands hospital

For her funeral to be

She just stood there and waited

For her time to come



Just another love song but one straight from the heart


Give me one reason why you should love me

when all that I am is a mess

Tell me why  you are not running  away

or better yet, tell me not, more or less


Tell me not why you should leave me

Tell me nothing I don’t want to know

You say I am the most beautiful

And I think that you must be blind

You say I am the one for you

And I think that you are too kind


More or less a mess and loving you

More or less worthy of you

More or less and that is what we are dreaming of

Tell me we are not blinded

By love


 dedicated to my husband, who doesn’t speak English 🙂

entry for thursdays rally

dog on the qui vive


Just when the postman is about to deliver

the letter that could mean a lot

the dog hears a noise

and the dog makes the choice

for the letter

not  to matter

attacking while it falls on the mat


So that is that,

and it is fine

job well done,

letter gone.

Important letters

Are not what matters

In the world of a qui vive canine


Dance of the Northern light


Lie me again of love and of light

So the night makes  sense to me

As tonight there is no night

And darkness won’t shelter me


Love me again in a night of just verse

As tonight there is no night

This night the time is in converse

Lie me again of love and of light


of dances of the  green Northern light

now darkness won’t shelter me

As tonight there is no night

Let  the night make sense to me


Hold my hand


Is it weird to ask you

although we don’t know each other very well

to hold my hand

for a moment

so I can feel

someone cares

someone is there with the same blood temperature

someone is not a cold fish

Thank you nurse.


to do or not to do


One foot out of bed and I ponder

Maybe it is better to stay

under the covers

investigating you

like the real bedroom sleuth

But my other foot already follows

and gone is the mood

I wonder what the rest of the day may be like


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