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Football (soccer) world cup: vuvuzela blues and a net bird

The world cup games in South Africa are dominating the news and the sound of Vuvuzela’s is everywhere.

Bavaria had some Dutch girls promote their beer (well the girls wore orange dresses, with hardly any logo) and the FIFA was not amused. Two girls had to go to the Police station.

England played so bad, a bird wanted to build a nest in the Algerian goal net

Argentinië 3 : 1 Mexico
Duitsland 4 : 1 Engeland
Ver. Staten 1 : 2 Ghana
Uruguay 2 : 1 Zuid-Korea

next matches:
Nederland – Slowakije 28 juni 16:00
Brazilië – Chili 28 juni 20:30
Paraguay -Japan 29 juni 16:00
Spanje – Portugal 29 juni 20:30
My bet: 2-0 for The Netherlands.

That precious look on his face… :)

Friday. The whole country was in a very good mood after yesterday’s worldcup soccer game, as my country wan in our group, and it was no surprise there were a lot of smiles in the supermarket where we did our groceries.

A couple of about forty came in at the same time as we did. He was extremely happy and hummed a bit, while going through the lanes with his cart. Cheerfully he asked her what to get for dinner. She didn’t care. She left it up to him.

She, a good looking woman, was a lot quieter than him. They splitted and I saw him going to the wine bottles. There, he took out two expensive red wines, Bourgogne, and looked at them with love, before placing them in the cart. Then he looked for his wife. He saw her, in the lane with the sanity towels, she was throwing 2 packages of tampax in the cart and gave him the eye.

He immediately took the two bottles out of the cart and placed them back on the shelf. And that made me laugh. The look on his face, it said it all…

new pic :)

Happy birthday!

Today our youngest son is 18 years old, which means he is officially a grown up now! Our duties as parents are over 🙂 and he is now allowed to: vote, drink strong liquor, buy cannabis in a coffee shop, take driving lessons, marry. You need to be responsible in order to handle these things wisely, and I think he is. So far the only thing of the above he is interested in, is voting. I think.
Gongratulations! America, here he comes! He will be yours for a year. 🙂

Gone for a while!

Yes! :)

Our youngest has made it through his final exams! Graduation I suppose it is called.

Maarten, gefeliciteerd!

Two years later – still no answers

Two years ago, a little girl named Caylee Anthony went missing, her remains were found 6 months later. What happened? There is only a lot of speculations, ‘evidence’ that proofs nothing about why, how, where or by whom she was killed or died.

The parents of the only suspect, Casey, the mother of Caylee, have stood behind their daughter from the beginning. Cindy said “…I still truly believe that she is innocent… There’s got to be a motive there that’s much greater than this whole picture.”

So even the smell of a cadaver in the car that they said they had noticed, doesn’t make them change their minds.

So who are we bloggers to say Casey is a murderer and should be killed?

The fun factor

The ferry had just left port, when I decided to go out on the deck for some air.
Seagulls flew over my head and screamed, a sort of sorrowful sound, but they just wanted food.
A man, about 60, was feeding them bread.
I watched him do so, and I wondered why he did it, as the nasty birds shit over his shoes, picked in his fingers and never had enough.

“It is the fun factor,” he said, as if he had read my mind. “Like throwing money to beggars. The way they crawl to pick up the coins.” He groaned. “I love it.”
I didn’t like him on the spot.
He went on feeding the birds untill a woman, I suppose his wife, came on deck as well, took one look at his dirty shoes, and sort of thumped him in the stomach. She took the rest of the bread out of his hands.
“Get inside!” she ordered.

It made me chuckle to see him obey. It had a certain fun factor. 😉

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