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Sea shells


A million stars fell on the beach,
Each one a thought that never made it,
Moments, faded into dense eternity.

You say: The water is assembling now,
The sky is trembling. It was noticed, all of it.
We won’t live to see results, but let it be this way.

Let’s walk along the shore, my hand in yours,
Go side by side, go far away, before
The sea will find us here where none can stay.

Let’s fade together and become a shell. A star.
A thought escaping from the rising tide. Farewell.



My memory of how we met that day
Before we fell in love, before we knew,
Is gaining golden layers in every May,
And more and more is speaking about you.

It happened suddenly: out of the blue
You stood before me. What was I to say?
We did what strangers are supposed to do;
The smiling of our eyes gave us away.

We tried to lie about it though ’t was true
That I would never want to leave, but stay
And for a while I thought you had no clue.
We were to part again, our love astray.

Now we’re two strangers on the quay, you say,
Both watching sailing ships move in the bay.

The teller

She told me my future on a cold Summer’s day,
On the quay of the harbour in Whitby,
And it sounded too weird for my ears to believe.

But while seven years passed, her predictions came true
Like she said, one by one. (I’am still due for more offspring
and some very good luck.) How she knew?

If she’s still there, and psychic enough,
She will know I’ll be grateful as long as I live
For her viewing and all of her magic.



We turned directions and I’m lost, this town
A forest where I don’t know anything,
A flow of strangers in whose eyes I don’t
See recognition; rivers streaming in
Both ways, and toxic fumes hazing my sight.

It’s warmer here than home, the air a sweet
Unsalted crust, with some medieval scents,
We are closed in by history though
No one seems to care. We hear the witches
crying murder as they burn and drown.

It’s where you live. It feels as if I know
These walls, none straight, all old.
A train is speeding through the mumbling night
With purple big haired girls and tired young faces.
We turned directions and I’m home right here.


I want to undermine your doubts again,
Remember how that used to work? But now
You’re not the person who you were, right then,
So there’s no guessing what to do and how.

You often threw the towel in the ring,
And I am out of optimistic views,
As living happily might be another thing
Than life, I’m telling you no news.

I fold the laundry once again for you,
The many towels ready for a toss:
It’s up to you. Your winning or your loss.
I only undermine, that’s all I do.


Throughout my skin I felt you touching me;
Your fingers leapfrogged gently down my spine.
Now I wake up you are not here, I see
Reflections in the mirror glass are mine.

My sudden somberness will not decline.
You have been visiting my dreams, to be
My lover who has made my nights so fine
To leave me loveless. I’m an amputee,

But you were here alright, so says the sign:
You drew the curtains open for the sun to shine.
Throughout my skin I feel it touching me.



Caterpillars slowly move towards the day,
Crawling anxiously across the last of moonbeams,
Waiting for the scented flowers blooming,
And you awake without your sanity again.

You fell through the horizon of your mind;
Now beauty comes in butterflies of verse,
Each of them being you, escaping from mundanity
Until the night returns and new born caterpillars crawl.

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