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Goodbye for now

Lectori Salutem (Hi all)

An eye problem (leaking of both retina’s now) that I have been having for a long time, and that seemed to get better, suddenly got worse and makes it impossible for me to be online for a while, but if the eyedoc cures it, as I hope, I’ll be back, not sure when that will be though.

I am very grateful for all your comments, support and friendship, and I am glad I began this English adventure. And maybe it is not over.

Hopefully till soon! It has been awesome! Love, hugs and xx!



Waves come rolling, gulls are unaware of me.
This beach has everything to remember
and looking for you, I find you right there.

The colour of your eyes, that is the sea.
I feel no cold although it is November.
And besides: I am your child. I don’t go anywhere.

You lifted me in your strong arms one day,
that is the best part that will linger on,
the image of you as my father, then.

I hear the sea that tells me not to stay,
using your voice, although you are long gone
from when alive and still a healthy man.

I should move on and know the waves don’t care
that I feel better when they treat me nice
instead of ordering me that I must go.

But I’m your child, I won’t go anywhere
because the sea reminds me of your eyes
and I do miss your arms around me so.

rain on graveyards

No graves can comfort us,
their stones remind us not of whom we loved
but only show that everything is fading:
their names, our memories now running thin
while everywhere the rain is falling on the graveyard
no graves can comfort us within.

Conform the rules of love

Over cups of coffee and between flaws of life
you reached for my hand in the café.

We didn’t say much, just the needed remarks,
an exchange of dull information.

Then your eyes told me more than a phone call would do;
a lonely, troubled soul traveling.

I would have made love to you there and then.
What kept me from doing so, was conformation.

When emptied the cups, going back to our lives
you forgot it of course, as I should do too.

But the touch of your hand I shall never forget.
In my next life I’ll be non conformist for you.


A word to try out!

say nothing more

when nothing matters more than arms around you,
say nothing more and let your body do the talking.
I want to feel as much as possible of your embrace.
words will come later
now nothing matters more than arms around us.
say nothing more.


let my time be filled with smallest joy
the smell of sand and the colours of water,
sound of mist and heavy clouds floating,
let my wonder be my greatest joy.

I made the photo from the dune behind our house. The view is one of my fav. joys  🙂

From a distance making sense

I only have words
I found in this language
in which to wonder
as in new found space.

A bird’s footstep in snow
my mind shaping order
making it’s own place
in chaos of life.

I only have words
in what’s not my language,
a distance from memories
now making sense.

royal blue sea

this royal blue sea
on an eve to remember

we have swum together
when darkness set in
and the shore left behind

this royal blue sea
in our imagination
the colour it was

Behind the cliff

Don’t go alone to what’s behind the cliff;
take a path that leads you anywhere,
but don’t walk on as you are unaware
that many drowned where thousand seagulls live.

Some ships have never made it to the shore;
don’t go alone to what’s behind the cliff,
as many drowned where thousand seagulls live
who didn’t know the darkness of this shore.

the pic was made on the beach of Whitby, UK, earlier this year

paying attention

You say it in words that matter
but my ears just hear music.
I should listen better
when you say f*ck off.

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