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After all

In the end,
after all of the drama,
the night did now silence,
the town tried to sleep
and we were together.

We, the battered,
in this salty morning mist,
you and me, facing the cliff,
where I reached for your hand,
afraid I would fall.

I wanted to live.

You took it.
We had nothing to say.
What else could have mattered.

The sun came and shone
on our skin and our hair
through every layer
of yesterday’s grey.

I wrote your name

I wrote your name in feathers
all spread out on the beach.
The nicest ones would make
a pretty letter each.

A big storm came along then
and blew away your name.
The feathers fell down softly
and it was not the same.

I spelled your name in sea shells
all spread out on the sand.
A hundred shells I used
before back home I went.

A huge wave came on rolling
and washed away your name.
The shells were rearranged.
It just was not the same.

I wrote your name in anvils
all along the shore
the waves could not remove them
the wind would harm no more.

Your name was not to last though,
the salt air made it rust
and after a few years
all that remained was dust.

You seem to be all gone now,
I β€˜ll write your name no more,
though many shells and feathers
are waiting on this shore.

updated with anvils πŸ™‚ thank you Michael!Β 

Audio Post Ik vind rust nu / Finding peace now

Ik vind rust nu / Finding peace now

Nachten sleepten zich door uren
en je kwam niet
Ochtenden vermist in dagen
ik stond bij de hoge golven
en je kwam niet
Ook niet toen de zee kalmeerde
Je bleef uit herinneringen
nachten dagen en weer nachten
maar pas toen ik van je dood vernam,
sliep ik echt.

Night dragging on through hours
and you didn’t show
Mornings missed in days
I stood near the high waves
and you didn’t show
not even when the sea calmed down
You stayed out of memories
nights days and again nights
but only after hearing of your death
I really slept.

In thoughts we live

The web is a net,
a spider a fisherman
I said and you laughed.
Can you see in my mind
in my thinking what matters,
can I feel what you feel
through layers of technique
that I want to be
with you, nothing else.
Can you be with me
and tell me who was first,
the fisherman or the spider?

The sweetest / het liefste

Sweeter I can’t do
even if I should,
sweeter isn’t in my skills.
I can love you very much though
but sweeter I can’t do.

this I wrote in Dutch first then translated

Liever lukt me niet
ook al zou het moeten,
liever heb ik niet in huis.
Ik kan wel heel veel van je houden,
maar liever lukt me niet.

The good stuff

On mornings
watching the world
over coffee
I notice an inner peace
that I call happyness
but maybe it is just
a good coffee brand

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