Now available! “Veritas” – poetry by Ina Schroders-Zeeders

press release:

Unfiltered Poetry By Netherlands Author Ina Schroders-Zeeders
Love, Life, Loss And The Sea; All In One Volume
For Immediate Release
Sacramento, CA – Each section of this poetry volume by Ina Schroders-Zeeders is moving and begs you to keep reading. There is realism in her words that brings you in and makes it relatable. No subject is left unturned, leaving you as a new fan of this beautiful poetry and author.
Truth and virtue, astonishment and wonder. Real life can be exciting, depressing, and confusing, but it is certainly always fascinating. In Veritas, the new poetry volume by author Ina Schroders-Zeeders, you will feel every exposed emotion as it connects with you and ultimately leads to your own personal contemplation. Whether as limitless as the oceans or as confining as our surroundings, these authentically stimulating pieces will leave you in awe.
Veritas is a 192 page poetry volume. Available on paperback with a retail price of $13.99, and eBook with a retail price of $5.99. The ISBN is: 978-0-9836764-6-1. Published through Winter Goose Publishing and available now through all major online retailers. For more information or to request a review copy, contact Winter Goose Publishing at info@wintergoosepublishing.
About Ina Schroders-Zeeders:
Ina Schroders-Zeeders was born in the Netherlands, on the beautiful tourist-destination island of Terschelling. Her fascination with the sea began at an early age as she and her mother would frequently accompany her Merchant-Marine-Captain father on his adventures. Ina has spent her whole life enjoying books of all kinds, staying involved with libraries and book sales, until finally becoming a novelist in the late nineties. She remains on Terschelling with her husband and three sons.

This book has been released on 2 March 2012 🙂 Poems (in English). Published by Winter Goose, available through Barnes&Noble and  Here you can order a copy via for $ 13,99

The book is also available in the local bookshop (Funke) in West Terschelling , at Lobke’s snackplek, Terschelling, on board of the sailing ship  “De Zeemeeuw” and at my home address.

The price here is € 17,50.

Read more here: my page on the Winter Goose publishing site

and here: introduction and welcome

A review –

This is a book which surprises and delights in equal measure.
Little slices of life so precisely described that the reader is left with a wry smile or a grimace or a wince of pain or a burst of laughter. These poems touch the reader in a way that only poetry can.
It is a surprise to learn that such assured poetry is a first collection from someone writing in a language which is not their native tongue. I am full of admiration and look forward to reading more in the future.
This is a book to keep on your coffee table or on your bedside cabinet to dip into when the world has become a little bit difficult to cope with. You will find humour here and succour too. It will be enough to take your mind away from the concerns of your every day.

David Agnew (BelfastDavid) 10 April, 2012

Another Review on

I found this a thoroughly enjoyable book of poems, nearly two hundred pages of sustained creativity, and that, from someone whose first language is not English! You would never know.
Ina has split this book into four sections, based on variety, love, the sea, and death, although there is much ‘variety’ within each section. What truly stands out for me is the sense of the everyday, and the understanding of human relationships within it, so often, of course, an inspiration to poets, but here the poet seems to plumb some very deep depths indeed with her subtle understanding, contemplation and occasionally surprising style.
One of my favourites is ‘I Just Moved On’:
“… and memories will come to your surprise/ in a thousand happy butterflies.”
Yet, beyond this, and underpinning all of the book, even outside the ‘sea’ (‘Mare’) section, is that sense of space, the ocean, isolation and the human interrelationships in regard to this, the most evocative of elements. The sea, the North Sea, and in particular the Frisian Islands, is where the poet lives and gets much of her inspiration. I get the feeling that it has been a somewhat ‘bitter-sweet’ relationship, between herself and her environment, as it often is in coastal communities, like I recall from school reading, for instance, some of JM Synge’s work from the west coast of Ireland. Such environments breed hard yet contemplative souls. Here’s a part of a poem from Ina’s sea section:
“There she is, the sea, deceitful in her silenced roar/as if nothing has happened on this beaten shore…” (from ‘After the Storm’). She ends this poem: “A cold and evil whore.” Wonderful stuff.
I would thoroughly recommend this book, but as with all poetry, take your time reading it, let it seep in, like the sea has clearly seeped into this poet’s consciousness and given us a tide of creativity.

  DFB 6 May 2012

on (UK)


Ina’s poetry offers a generous share in her life on an island, not in isolation but sublime and sensible awareness of the world around her. It’s like being invited to tea with her observations and explorations, enjoyments and frustrations, pathos and humor, a little fantasy here and there, and sensuality that is both honest and enigmatic. She’s a storyteller, traveler, tease, naturalist, and romantic, prolific but also precise in this collection about the everyday and unusual, love, the sea, and death, the poems as varied in form and subject as they are consistently entertaining and enlightening.

Her writing feels spontaneous but also very conscious of what it is about and wants to express, a clarity all the more remarkable as English is not her native tongue. Perhaps that is why there is a freshness to it. Some of her most powerful and lyrical images reflect her past and present connection to the sea, as if she is most comfortable revealing herself through its moods and creatures, work and play-enticed by its waves and journeys and horizons but also simple strolls along its shores.

Ina offers poetry as an ally, not something to suffer through but a friend to rely on, like the `Lighthouse’ that…

`…shines its light in endless beams
to safety from the tempest sea
and when a storm
torments the shore or a mist comes up
it is your guide
for needed shelter.’

‘Veritas’, though specific to Ina’s exterior and interior perceptions and experiences, has much to say and sing to the hearts and minds, tears and smiles of others. I thoroughly recommend it, for reading through once and twice and more, and certainly for keeping nearby for opening to any page any time. ” Bardess, 21 May 2012 on (US)

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  1. […] Ina  – If you’ve never visited her blog you’ve been missing out. She is incredibly talented. Winter Goose Publishing recently released her poetry book Veritas. […]

  2. Hi Ina! FInally got my review done and put on Thanks for your patience! DianeXO

  3. Hi Diane,
    that is wonderful, what a kind gesture, and such lovely words! I was very pleased to read it! Thank you very much for everything! XO 🙂

  4. Your work is truly inspiring Ina. I love it. Unlike a lot of poetry that seems at times to be rather complex, yours has a simplistic centerness that I can relate to. Bravo.

  5. I ordered and paid for the books Amor and Road: part one. I’m looking forward to reading. I love your work my writer friend.

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