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Winter on the beach

Cold to the bone and our faces sculptured
By drifting sand as we walk ( one way or another,
We shall be having the wind at our backs later on.)

Silent, silently threading unknown ground,
heading for a point of return:
Here, all seems simple enough. We do this far from home

Because the reward will be warmth and shelter in the end.
Because we feel alive in the death of this season.
Under our feet the sand is frozen cement.

Silent. Silence is following us back to the car,
an uninvited guest, stepping in. Becomes our friend.
Your sculptured face defrosting as we drive.

After sunset


As well as we expected, orange eve
And purple seas have finally embraced
Each other, but where other sunsets leave
Us lonely in the dark, so not this place.

Away from all that makes us sad, there’s light
Reflecting in your eyes when you find mine
Here on this beach, although it’s cold and night
We are together under stars and we are fine.

To feel your hand in mine, through mittens’ wool
And have your arm around me is enough,
There are no more restrictions, there’s no rule
For what we have when we’re together. Love.

Emotions have a reason, what we feel
Can keep us well together, make it real.

I took the photo last Sunday, Terschelling Beach

The shallow surface of mirrors

The eye to eye thing,
Can we still do that
Or would one of us blink away?

In the end
I have to be true
Only to myself.

I can still look into your mirror
And see us both
Though you are gone.

Freedom too

Middle in my comfort zone
Of liking facebook kittens,
Pondering on shallow Zen quotes
That seem deep but are
Multiple interpretable,
Wandering through empty meadows,
Thinking about what to eat and write,
And reading Lucretius who tells me
What of nature I should need to know,
And would it snow today or not,

Four Jews are shot for being Jew,
Some fine satirists gone.
This wakes me up
From what it is that occupies my mind
From whom I care for even so,
It’s sweeping me away from home
To where I’m more aware
That we don’t live to only please ourselves.

So many keep their voices down
Or lovingly express support
But not for any of the victims (don’t they care?)
For what it’s worth I try
To raise my unimportant voice,
At least I have a choice to speak or look away.
I love you so. My saddened European home
And all of us. Our freedom.
Satire. All who love to get some peace
On this our lovely Earth.


When times were bad and people hid
In basements, for their words were felt,
In caves, in attics, fearing for their lives,
That’s where they found what freedom meant.

We speak, not for ourselves, but for
The ones that can not speak.
No word should ever need to bend,
No pen should stop.

Don’t let them silence you, my friend.
Know that your mind is free
And that there are some people here
Who read, who think.  Not “they” perhaps, but we.

for all people who can’t publish cartoons of their choice

To the son

Now, while my body’s dying more and more
So, yours is not, and every time I see
you, I’m surprised of youth and energy.
My flesh and bones and blood and all before.

We held on to each other, from your birth.
Continue in this cruel and endless night
From where the ape began to stand upright.
Then let me go as I sink into Earth.

More life is waiting for yourself to be
Explored. To be embraced and cared about,
To whisper silent dreams and shout out loud:
Explore! Live on when I can not. For me.

We go beyond ourselves by whom we love,
To be at peace with that, will be enough.

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