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Missing: my wedding ring

Since this morning, after showering, but maybe before hanging out the laundry, not sure, my wedding ring disappeared from my finger. I wore it on my left hand after showering, as my right hand has a little wound.

The ring is a cheap one, silver, no stone, we bought it in Maastricht 17 August 1988 a day before a niece of his got married there, so we had a party as well 🙂 His name is in it. When we ourselves got married, on 1 September 1999, that date was also put in the ring.
We have been looking all over the place. No luck so far, but it has to be in the house somewhere, (or in the lunch I made for my son, but he would have sent a message if he had found it?)

I miss the little fellow.

Oh well. It is just a ring. We still got each other. I don’t think I would overlook my husband very easily 🙂

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