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Thursday poets rally

Fun to do, and educational. A rally for poems. Long lost friend is my entry for week 32, click here to read!





Just a haiku because of the marathon that is taking place here:

old and spring chickens
thousands run and never fall
under autumn clouds

My poem for the next rally will show up here on this blog soon I hope 🙂 (Haven’t come around to make one yet 🙂 )

this weeks rally!

my nomination: is words4afriend, ScottBL, poem: Signature.

Long lost friend

Against the sweet colors of the setting sun

the clouds started to fade when there existence had just begun

and when I wanted to shut my curtains down, well there he was.

His face had wrinkles now, his hair was white but still I knew he came for me, and I was right.

We drank all night

not many words were shared

under the cover

and when the clouds came back again, and sunlight shone again, he went.

I may never see him back again, never hear his voice still I know

he is my friend

more so than he was my lover

I wrote and published this poem on Growing Bolder on 22 August 2010, and also on Open Salon.

Also entered on Helium 4 Nov. 2010 and Thursday Poets Rally week 32

entered for thursday poets rally week 32

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