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The foghorn hauling


the foghorn hauling

while the moist air takes our breath

it is so hard to say goodbye in November

darkness and the smell of death

the cold mist

and the tired ferry blows its whistle hoarse

and sad

what of this day will you remember?

the lighthouse slowly turns its beams over my head

forever gone the tired ferry

hollow footsteps in our street

an early neighbour on his bike

says nothing, he just nods his head

a million tears are spread

in the moister lighthouse light

the foghorn hauling


you walked with me to the early ferry

your  smell so sweet

of night and warm of love

the foghorn cried when I last embraced you

we whispered : bye

as you turned round to go back home

I saw you cry

saying goodbye

in November is so hard

as the ferry met the sea

I could still hear

the foghorn hauling

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