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Where our friendship went

I walked along the shore again to think
and realize I’ve chosen to feel deep
as only in myself, my vows can keep
and stay in honesty, so no to sink.
Though difficult it is to understand
why sometimes my own right will have to give
as it makes easier the way I live
and I can walk with someone hand in hand.

A little while a wave became my friend
to keep me company in my sad pace
and told me it’s the same in every place,
but then and there our strolling had to end.

In time to wonder where our friendship went,
the wave died on the land without a trace.

I tried to do a Petrarchan sonnet, if this is one, please tell me

A mirror is a liar too


How can I see myself in you

When you reflect my pain but not my soul

Am I to play another part or role

Than to be myself and true?


What can reflections really do

But show the outside of the complex whole

And not the depth, the relief that you stole

A mirror is a liar too


There might be more than what you see

So much is covered by what was

Not to be shown by just some glass


Reflections don’t show the real me

So let this vanity just pass

As you are not my looking-glass


 Petrarchan sonnet

today I learned about tercets (from a comment) and from there I googled my way to the Petrarchan sonnet


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