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Ouch! Podagra polka

During a trip to the mainland, that was all about meeting other parents of student exchange kids, we walked a lot, and I got pain in my feet. In one foot, the big toe, the pain stayed overnight, and my foot got swollen and red. A visit to a hospital seemed like a good idea, as my shoe didn’t fit anymore ( first time I walked on shoes with heels to prevent pain in the heel, doctors suggestion!) as I thought I might have broken something. The doc was very nice and happy, such an easy diagnosis. Gout. I have the gout. She gave me pills that made me dizzy. We skipped the castle we planned to see and drove back North, me with my foot on the dashboard 🙂 We did see son who lives three stairs up, no elevator. The short wheelchair experience to get me on the ferry made me realize how toddlers must feel, not knowing where they are being pushed to.

Gout. I always thought grumpy old men got it. Women my age seldom do. I googled and got scared of the diet that people with gout are supposed to follow. I am no fan of tomatoes.

This morning I saw my own doc and he said food has NOTHING to do with getting gout! Walking so much on the prescribed (by his colleague) heeled shoes on the other hand, could very well be the cause.  I have to return in 2 weeks to see about purine in my blood.

I am giving my foot a rest and take my NSAID pills and hope it will be over soon. Gout is not funny, it is a sort of arthritis. To everyone who has it too: hugs!


It is not that I find it an elegant dance

and it sure is a cure for an aking romance

Still in my marriage I was never this loud

do the podagra polka, also known as the gout


one step ouch, two steps ouch,  do it nice and real slow

and after your last ouch, make a deep bow.





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