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Love with all its golden curls had no idea of loving.
I knew that, waking up, covered with torn illusions,
while Cupid stood there, smoking a cigarette,
his pale buttocks more real than the moon as a whole.
Once he loved me, a god he had been in my past.

It was my imperfect body wanting his, but I would have
settled for this double moon and cigarette ashes.
We noticed, though, how love with all its golden curls
left the room through the open window in fumes,
and he put on some clothes. He was human at last.



The lighthouse shines its light in endless beams

to safety from the tempest sea

and when a storm

torments the shore, or mist comes up

it is your guide

for shelter

here with me


Summer evening


The way you were then, the way you are

I see you both times now

The silent evenings near the sea

where  my skin embraces

 the moist salty air

I have been waiting for you all my life

while you were actually here

so near

A husband and a wife

 and now, as  you will always be

the one whose trusted voice,

 your timbre, sounds so good to me

I know that the way you move away my hair,

the breeze will just make it a chaotic mess again

but this gesture and your touch

is what I  have been waiting for

Not too long

Not too much

Not in vain

We still are one


like the way we were

way back then


Still in love


So eagerly I want memory to reproduce

the time  when love was me and you,

when easily I could seduce

you in rhyming whispers that I sent.

So desperately now I need you

to be once again my loving friend

and forgive if my intention

of reproduction turned you off,

this is merely just to mention

that I am still so much in love


entry for poetry potluck week 46 \”love and its not\”

Just another love song but one straight from the heart


Give me one reason why you should love me

when all that I am is a mess

Tell me why  you are not running  away

or better yet, tell me not, more or less


Tell me not why you should leave me

Tell me nothing I don’t want to know

You say I am the most beautiful

And I think that you must be blind

You say I am the one for you

And I think that you are too kind


More or less a mess and loving you

More or less worthy of you

More or less and that is what we are dreaming of

Tell me we are not blinded

By love


 dedicated to my husband, who doesn’t speak English 🙂

entry for thursdays rally

One moment one


Your weight upon me

Holding our breath

I smell your love

Hear your lust

Feel your body

You lift my pelvis

And from my womb to my head

You flood inside me

One moment one

One moment



entry for

jacob’s ladders

pic from bluebellbooks


the grey lead grey of the sea dead sea

the grey in all shades of an angry sky

the sea dead sea is between you and me

so grey and so dead as the sea will be


a ray of light

Jacob’s ladders


and somehow I climb them

leaving the water and mud far behind

the blue of the  sky

bright sky

brings me back

to times you and me

and a golden lit sea

pic made by Toussaint Schroders, Terschelling 1 Feb. 2009


entry for

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