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Over you in May


you were not much of a real friend

the stitches of the seam are torn

you were no friend  at all to me

the black dress that I’ll wear to mourn


and for memories of what could have been

I find no future there

nothing left to wear

but naked lies


how you thought the truth could be so bend

how you thought that you could lie to me

it was something I had never seen

now I know to be aware


it is like waking up in Spring

the welcome of a  finer day

awaiting morning birds to sing


the black dress taken by the storm

at last the rain will come and wash away

this pain and shape it in another form

I am over you in May


entry for jingle potluck

every line in his face




every line in his face she knows well

every spot on his skin is so  dear

as he sleeps

while she reads

as he reads

while she eats

as they go through their daily routine

stumbling through old age and ignoring old pain

so much said

during  soothing silence of being together


the thought that one day he might be gone

is the only cry in her nights

is her fear

and only then

she is one minute






let’s just sit  in the dunes by the sea

nothing needs to be told

we shelter each other from cold

a ship in full sails to a far  destiny

as the waves sing their song

like drowned sailors who died a  long time ago

or are they just seagulls crying

let us stay by the sea

and listen to them

and don’t think at all about dying

not yet


entry for jingle poetry potluck

Don’t cry over me anymore



Don’t be sad, we were not meant to be

It was a forbidden fling

Not love, but just a phase


I walk along the restless sea

Thinking of what might have been

Elsewhere in  time and place


My true love is beside me

He knows me in and out

And I keep in his pace


Goodbye for ever to a friend

As friends we can not be

This phase had but to sadly end

So I will set you free




A nice Winters day



At our feet cried the foaming North Sea

A happy dog ran in the distance

A seagull above us stayed with us for hours,

Shells in the sand

With unspoken colours


Sand blowing for as far we could see

Your hand in my hand

You and me

And the sea




Late December Visitor




His face appears from long ago

And though his hair is whiter now

He is the same


His eyes say that all now is well

But tell the story of his life

He saw the world, he fought and fled

And wed a wife

That wasn’t right for him he says

But no regret

That  they have met


He‘ll  sail away on New Years day

Now  may he leave on New Years Eve,

The year will end with our farewell

A raven’s cry,  a nasty spell


I hope he ‘ll leave  me not till morning

And love again will be our haven

And the year will start so well



One winternight stand




If shelter was what you came looking for

Or the warmth of my bed

Or the arms I  put around you

-And it was all that you needed, you said –


Then why was it not enough

Later, early, in the hard  morning light

when the snow silenced all other life

when it was still too cold to be outside?


How come you went away then

Again, leaving me shattered,

and fighting my tears

the candle still burning bright

Why? After all: these cold years,

should they  not have mattered?


Your footsteps are fading  now

covered with snow,

you are gone now


don’t come back, don’t come back to me, never

don’t do this again


come back


Oh, you are returning now

The candle still burning

Yes I give in again, not aware of a reason

Against better judgement

our love warmth reburning




nominated and given the Jingle perfect poets award.

this poem is an entry for the Poetry Potluck

list of winners! 🙂

We met again by chance




The stench of yesterdays fish

Glistering wet sidewalks

No traffic. England at night


There you were, so bloody handsome

There I was, so bloody young

Slipped away from  parental sight


I was shivering and your coat too big for me

It smelt of sweat, wet dogs and aftershave

The pub was near, ‘t was called “The Bloody Knight”


You bought me a shandy, I wanted wine, the smoke of hundreds of cigarettes fading your face,  melting it all togeter

I got sick, threw up in the loo

Of the  bloody knight


Both with no money, one drink was already too dear

The cold fresh air , the romance was over

As  we hurried outside


Eight years later we met again, by accident or fate

You recognized me on that train

On your way to that early flight


You bought me wine

And gave me your coat again

And now we spent the night








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