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The pillow note


all nights with you are like there is no tomorrow

moments as waterfall adventures by canoe

scents of earth and sin and sorrow

dreams of red and purple landscapes too

such moments of eternity and passion

and of all the nights I spent with you

last night  most memorable in its own fashion

so wake up! and let me show all my  thanks to you


I got an award! 🙂 The Celebrate poet of Summer award

entry for jingle thursdayrally

Over you in May


you were not much of a real friend

the stitches of the seam are torn

you were no friend  at all to me

the black dress that I’ll wear to mourn


and for memories of what could have been

I find no future there

nothing left to wear

but naked lies


how you thought the truth could be so bend

how you thought that you could lie to me

it was something I had never seen

now I know to be aware


it is like waking up in Spring

the welcome of a  finer day

awaiting morning birds to sing


the black dress taken by the storm

at last the rain will come and wash away

this pain and shape it in another form

I am over you in May


entry for jingle potluck

Thank you for leaving me behind




you took the ferry  without me

and didn’t talk about returning

separation, an indifferent  sea

while my heart just kept  on yearning


I couldn’t be with you

and sunshine didn’t  comfort me

the way it used to do

as with you I longed to be


of course I knew that this was better

no future was there for our love

still I did hope for a letter

wishing you would care enough


I was  sixteen, you three times my age

yes I know this was insanity, outrage

but you showed me I could trust

and what love is without lust


thank you for leaving me behind

it was not mean to do, but kind



entry for jingle thursday’s rally

I can’t download the awards, so a pic of them altogether is all I can do. Thanks Jingle  🙂

Waltz d’amour



Shall we give in to long lazy loving

Shall we give in to sun struck romance

Fingertop striking your face and your neck

Shall we dance

Let’s give in, shall we

Shall we give

And never look back


Let’s give in to staying in bed

Let’s give in to not getting dressed

Fingertop striking your neck and your chest

Let’s give in, shall we

Let us dance

Let us give

And  give it a rest




Don’t go silently away




Don’t go silently away

Please let me know

in advance

that it’is  time to silently say

that you go

But promise to be back one day

if you have the chance


Silently go when it’s time for our eyes

after they’ve said all their soundless goodbyes

Silently go but

don’t silently leave

before saying to me

that you’d much rather stay


Tell it  to me with your eyes

as I know they will  tell me no lies

and it is them I can truely believe

when you leave






A Villanelle too: “Marriage”



So quiet are you now,

and words have all been said.

We should have gone to bed,

but we don’t know just how.


Much talk there was, when we just met –

So quiet are you now,

as if we had  a row.


The books have all been read;

We should have gone to bed

(remembering my vow ).

Not cold, but silence do I dread


“So, quiet are you now?”

“My mind is numb, so that is how.”

“Was it something then I said?”

We should have gone to bed…


You smile and kiss me on the head:

“So well I know you,  long as we’ve been wed!

So quiet are you now.

We should have gone to bed!”







(a villanelle)



Now you are in eternal sleep

My hand no longer rests in yours

The silence in the room is deep

Somehow it is not time to weep

Absent the feeling of remorse

Now you are in eternal sleep

And only memories to keep

As I will think of you of course

The silence in the room is deep

Why did your faith decide to leap

and take your soul to the eternal source?

Now you are in eternal sleep

a clock is ticking time to keep

as you were taken by cruel force

The silence in the room is deep

just memories for me to keep

My hand is useless to endorse

Now you are in eternal sleep

The silence in the room is deep



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