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is it you and me?


The paint is dry, but is it you

who looks away, ( we see one eye)

it could have been me too?

Is it a tear, a laugh a cry?


Is it you, this picture, when

it is not me, are we both here

is it a  hollow image then

just canvas with a bit of smear?


Why has the painter left his work

unfinished on the floor

and is that smile there just a smirk

as he walks out the door?


The canvas will just rot and mold

 rats will come, the fabric torn apart

We can´t be painted, so  I am  told.

Just tears can paint an akin heart


entry for jingle potluck starting Monday 23 May 2011  theme: images, pictures an paintings

Love stolen night



A pub full of people and  you standing there

drinking your last glass of dark coloured beer

The music  not louder than hollow hard  laughter


Images fading in smokey thick  air

somewhere in between, we were going somewhere

or was it after


An  iron bed with torn and cold sheets

you opened the window to let go the white dove

it silently flew in the dark coloured night


Away from the people and away from the laughter

we shivered in a night stolen for love

we shivered in a love stolen night




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