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My first thriller 🙂 (in Dutch)  Mijn eerste thriller



ISBN 9789403605180

Waterdans is nu uit, en kan vanaf vandaag bij iedere boekhandel in Nederland worden gekocht en/of besteld, ook bij webwinkels als die van Vandervelde, Ako etc.

Paperback 110 blz, 15 euro




The Balance

My 5th English poetry anthology, published by Winter Goose Publishing, is out now! As kindle edition and in print. 144 pages.

“The Balance” on Amazon


“Amor” and “Veritas” on Kindle, for $ 2.99 !

Both my English Poetry Anthologies are on sale now in the Kindle edition:


UK : Veritas for £ 1.90! (Kindle)

Veritas on Kindle for just $ 2.99 🙂 , only in December!


“This is a beautiful book.

If I read it late in the evening it calms me and sends me to bed with my head in a good place.

Ina is a very talented poet.

I would recommend this book to all romantics everywhere.” (David Agnew)

UK : Amor for 1.90 !

Amor for 2.99 dollars on Kindle in December only!

Also available on Nook – Barnes and Noble (for Mac)

More Winter Goose titles on December sale!


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