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Far gone friend



Far, too far away are you

Not just in distance but in soul

And though I would, there’s  nothing I can do

One day your sanity will pay a bitter toll

There is so much I gladly would have done

If only you would have let me

But it’s too late, and now you’re too far gone





Terschelling 19 dec. 2010 Rusty guns foto: Toussaint Schroders



The battle axes won’t be melted soon
This peace on earth is just a phrase
But you and I made up no day too soon
So let me give you this embrace

The silent nights that we are hoping for
They won’t be keeping us awake
By sunset we’ll just close and bolt the door
Since silent night is give and take




Jingle Potluck


Terschelling 19 december 2010 foto: Toussaint Schroders

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