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Moving On – book release

My sixth poetry anthology in English is out now!

moving on


Link to Amazon :Β Β  Moving on and the other titles

The Balance

My 5th English poetry anthology, published by Winter Goose Publishing, is out now! As kindle edition and in print. 144 pages.

“The Balance” on Amazon


The Wind is Blowing a Hooligan

My dear friend David Agnew (Belfastdavid) from Whitby, England, is the author of this beautiful new poetry book that you can order through Amazon,Β LuluΒ  and various other sites (just google πŸ™‚ )
Paperback, 82 Pages Prints in 3-5 business days

β€œThe significance of David’s recent poetry rests in its everydayness, finding poems in the way we get through our days. By exploring issues that are not always the issues and incidents that make up poetry, his poems take on a collective meaning that reaches deep into the human spirit.” – Tom Davis.
β€œIn the pace of a calm whisper the poetry of David Agnew shows us sides of ordinary life we often miss: the funny side, the deep side, the understatement. Years of living and a talent for details make this poet write surprisingly, uniquely, about every day situations in such a persuasive way. Whitby citizens will be proud of this poetry in honour of their town!” – Ina Schroders-Zeeders.

I hope you will get a copy.

My first Dutch anthology

In only 12 days my new poetry book, in Dutch this time, called “Op weg naar het niets” will be released. For this to happen the publisher Boeskscout needs emailadresses to send a one time only promomail. I need 14 more adresses at this point, to be send to my email There has to be this sentence in the mail:

” Ik geef toestemming voor gebruik van mijn mailadres voor het toezenden van een eenmalige promotiemailing. ”

(I give permission for the use of my emailadress for sending a one-time only promotionmail)

Of course this does not mean you will have to buy the book πŸ™‚ it is only for the promo.

I would be so much obliged! xxx

Book release: Roads book 1


Roads Book 1 contains hundreds of poems about the Road to the Other and the Road to Ourselves.

I am very pleased to announce the book, published by Winter Goose Publishing in California, is on and will be on other sites like Barnes & Noble. Kindle and Paperback.

Roads book 1 on

Roads Book 1 on

Barnes & Noble

In the spotlight…

My American publisher has put me in the spotlight, so have a look πŸ™‚

Author spotlight

These are strange days for my husband and me, some are better than others. Things like this (the spotlight article) are a nice distraction. ❀

“Amor” released !

I am very happy to announce that my anthology of love poems, “Amor”, is now released!
Like “Veritas”, my first English poetry book, it is published by Winter Goose Publishing.

The book is the story of a love in 227 poems. I hope you will enjoy!

Amor now available!

My books through Winter Goose Publishing

More about buying AmorAmor_FlatforeBooks


Update :)

Hi all πŸ™‚

In September my second English poetry anthology will be released by Winter Goose Publishers and this is what it will look like. I found an old Roman wall painting for the cover:



At the moment I am having some eye problems again ( the same as I had with my left eye that was fixed by surgery last November, it is my right eye this time that has these flashes and a cloud in my vision; last night was a sort of ongoing fireworks feast ) which makes it difficult to do much online, but I try to read as much as I can. They will fix it again I am sure. (The eyedoc said so!)

So maybe I shall be not posting as frequently as I am used to, and this is why.

To everyone who considers me a friend, much love and until soon I hope πŸ™‚ xx

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