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Happy birthday!

Today our youngest son is 18 years old, which means he is officially a grown up now! Our duties as parents are over πŸ™‚ and he is now allowed to: vote, drink strong liquor, buy cannabis in a coffee shop, take driving lessons, marry. You need to be responsible in order to handle these things wisely, and I think he is. So far the only thing of the above he is interested in, is voting. I think.
Gongratulations! America, here he comes! He will be yours for a year. πŸ™‚

33 years later…

Okay the first time ever I saw your face, you had your eyes closed. You were a little wrinkled, and you wouldn’t drink my milk, too lazy. You were skinny. You were a miracle.

Then you opened up one eye, saw me, and yawned. Nice start!
‘Here we are then,’ I whispered. ‘You and me against the world,’ as that was how it felt. ‘I will never leave you. I will always take care of you. Just don’t ever bite my nipples!’

You were always a bad eater. When you were small, you got very sick with a sort of paratyphus. Still you managed to grow your length of 1.93 meters. You liked the night life and when you were only fifteen, you already worked in weekends and holidays in a bar dancing. You liked to be around people and you would always start conversations with strangers, on the ferry for instance, even when you were just a toddler.

You had the amazing combination of brown eyes and long blonde curls. Later your hair became a few shades darker. You had a cheerfull personality and didn’t like trouble.

Today you are 33 and you are doing well. You are happy, a good person, you have lots of friends and a sweet girl, a business to call your own! You are a grown up, with already a bit of grey in your hair! My worries are over. I hope yours will be few.

Now where is that grandchild; at your age, I already had a 14 year old son πŸ™‚

Son, congratulations with your 33rd birthday! πŸ™‚ And eat a bit more!

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