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Football (soccer) world cup: vuvuzela blues and a net bird

The world cup games in South Africa are dominating the news and the sound of Vuvuzela’s is everywhere.

Bavaria had some Dutch girls promote their beer (well the girls wore orange dresses, with hardly any logo) and the FIFA was not amused. Two girls had to go to the Police station.

England played so bad, a bird wanted to build a nest in the Algerian goal net

Argentinië 3 : 1 Mexico
Duitsland 4 : 1 Engeland
Ver. Staten 1 : 2 Ghana
Uruguay 2 : 1 Zuid-Korea

next matches:
Nederland – Slowakije 28 juni 16:00
Brazilië – Chili 28 juni 20:30
Paraguay -Japan 29 juni 16:00
Spanje – Portugal 29 juni 20:30
My bet: 2-0 for The Netherlands.

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