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Major Anthology Released by Four Windows Press — fourwindowspress

(I am a bit late in posting this but here it is: a lovely anthology and proud to be in it 🙂 )

Comercial Break :)

800 followers, that is a milestone to celebrate 🙂 Thank you all for reading my blog!

And whilst I am having your attention:

Both my poetry anthologies “Veritas” and “Amor” are also available on Kindle!

My page on Amazon



Just saying 😉

“Amor” and “Veritas” on Kindle, for $ 2.99 !

Both my English Poetry Anthologies are on sale now in the Kindle edition:


UK : Veritas for £ 1.90! (Kindle)

Veritas on Kindle for just $ 2.99 🙂 , only in December!


“This is a beautiful book.

If I read it late in the evening it calms me and sends me to bed with my head in a good place.

Ina is a very talented poet.

I would recommend this book to all romantics everywhere.” (David Agnew)

UK : Amor for 1.90 !

Amor for 2.99 dollars on Kindle in December only!

Also available on Nook – Barnes and Noble (for Mac)

More Winter Goose titles on December sale!


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