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199 steps

I practised hard
and got in shape
to do the 199 steps
for when I was
on holiday in Whitby.

I wanted to see
the famous Abbey
on top of the cliff.
Every day I climbed the dune
behind our house
and after some months,
it was time to go
across the North Sea.

Panting and heroic
on the first day there
I went all the way up;
to find there’s a bus stop
near to the Abbey.

I realized though
it was doing the steps
all of them, one by one
that had been goal
and it was done.

It’s not the destination
but the journey that counts.
Still, it makes sense perhaps
to be prepared
for setbacks on my road.

I can’t expect a good view
from no matter which top
when my own mist is dense.

The picture of the 199 steps in Whitby (UK) was made by David Agnew (Belfast David) , thank you for the permission to use it here! πŸ™‚

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