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The Balance

My 5th English poetry anthology, published by Winter Goose Publishing, is out now! As kindle edition and in print. 144 pages.

“The Balance” on Amazon


The Balance – e-book pre-order

I am proud to announce that my poetry anthology , published by Winter Goose Publishing  and titled “The Balance” will be released on April 18 this year, both paper and e-book.  The ebook version can already be preordered through Amazon (only 5 $ ! A steal! 🙂  )


“Ina’s poetry will make you laugh, will make you cry, and will make you gasp in recognition as a particular poem speaks directly to you. She writes novels in Dutch, her native language, and poetry in English. Her love of the English language apparent in her usage of it. She is not afraid to expose her heart as she uses experiences her own life—her poetry often being an attempt to find meaning from the apparently inexplicable. Her books make ideal bedtime companions allowing you to reflect on your own life.”

—David Agnew

“Acclaimed poet Ina Schroders-Zeeders produces poems full of a distinctive and subtle expression, examining emotions stirred in everyday life, and in this new book life gives us further insight into her life, and that delicate view and understanding which make her such a unique voice. With her beautifully distilled phrases Ina explores her interest in the way emotions interact with landscape and everyday rhythms, taking us under the surface of the apparently unremarkable event to reveal the wonders therein. The book is a treasure trove of insights.”

—Peter Wells


Amazon The Balance (pre-order e-book)

On a personal note:

This book is a very emotional one for me, as the time I was  writing it and the time after, my life has been pretty much in turmoil. And it still is I suppose. Emotions of grief and mistakes, hope and reality can be a lot to deal with. Sometimes sadness rules, but I like to be optimistic and think of the good in myself and others.

I hope to find the balance in my life and that I shall be ‘Moving on’  which happens to be the title of the next anthology later this year.  (“The Balance” and “Moving on” are in fact sort of twins.)



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