Said to be water but we never checked
it has been raining on the B&B since last week
which is better than drought surely
but after three days we forgot about that
‘and maybe it is not water at all,’ I say
because we are running out of conversation,
‘It could be a liquid from the stars never explored.’
‘Who says it is liquid? It sounds like bullets, like we
are under fire,’ you say, as you always want to
have the better argument, and I fall silent and asleep
to wake up in more rain which I am sure now is not water,
and for a moment I am convinced they are tears
as the whole of it is to cry about, we only have one day left
and you return with tea and not coffee,
‘But we will always have the memories,’ you say,
and the moment we leave for the station, the sky turns blue.

Comments on: "Rain" (4)

  1. Great imagery!

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