The nun

On different photos, layers of dust, just one
is clear although the sepia fading.
This is the portrait she always stroked,
her thoughts butterflies in the garden.
This room is not a room, it is
where they have loved each other deeply.

Sleepy her eyes try to focus on the face,
only a vague contour is showing. He
could have been one of her ancestors too, but
she remembers the frame under her skin.
It is him, almost gone beneath the paper.

Children’s voices sing in the garden,
taking her back to the monastery and her death.
The house has been empty for sixty years,
the dust has thickened. No one comes here anymore.


( I shall not try to explain this one, it is written in an attempt to understand someone I never met. If that is vague, well that is poetry for you…)


Comments on: "The nun" (11)

  1. Eerie and atmospheric….

  2. You’re right Ina, there’s no need to explain. As Elaine has said already, it is eerie and atmospheric.

  3. Superb – I agree, no explanation necessary. It is there for each of us to muse upon

  4. A true ghost story in verse. Disturbing and moving in one breath xxx ❤

  5. nettie Schroders. said:

    Super mooi gedicht.een beetje dromerig terug in de tijd.

  6. It is not mere chance where our word birds nest

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