real life

she remembers those days in real life
when their old emails joined her
to meet him for dinner

and later their sent messages made out,
liking each other every afternoon, while
she was there in his bed, and they did the same.

her Facebook comments were teaching his
how to make a heart
( < and 3 , no space in between )

and she will never forget how the little creatures,
thousands of them, joined the loving couple
for coffee near the sea. it was quite a parade.

as she and he held hands,
the messages and emails were giggling,
their comments blushed and started to yell.

‘can’t really take them anywhere,’ he sulked.
‘sssh, we are the only ones
who know they are there,’ she said

she is so glad real life never got in the way
of true friends and distant lovers.
of memories and love.


Comments on: "real life" (7)

  1. Aww, this is beautiful, Ina, and so full of love and precious memories. Hugs, Lauren

  2. bitter sweet – big hug

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