Lived through days

She found swallows which had crashed already dead
And dried flowers which would dust away;
She was breathing death before it was her time

(And then it didn’t come, and she became a hundred)

But there were days as well with too much life
With buttercupslight and lambs still happy for the slaughter,
There were days that might have been forever

In everything uniting she found power,
She read with all her strength as much as had been said,
From every word retrieving evidence
Of a reality and she was not alone.


Comments on: "Lived through days" (7)

  1. There’s some extra power to your writing these days.

  2. I agree with the comment above. There is so much understanding and nuance in your words. For me they are a delightful nourishing treat to read and always leave me pondering on the mysteries of awareness and frailty of our lives

  3. …”and she was not alone.” The whole gathers in the one, in light, and you are not alone in this circle where we all are holding each other in love…

  4. we all are holding each other in love…

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