Steve-Hall-who-is-heSomething different from my usual postings.

On Easter a memorial plaque still attached to some piece of wood washed ashore on the beach of Terschelling and we think it might be coming from the UK.

Read here in English about the beachcomber’s find

Looking for relatives. If you happen to know a Steve Hall who died in October 2011 and was 45 years of age, it might be him. Please let us know.

Thank you!


Comments on: "Memorial plaque of Steve Hall washed ashore" (4)

  1. How beautifully strange and mysterious that it’s not a memorial stone, and the “Rides On Forever…” words…
    Feels good to connect after so long Ina…

    • inaschroderszeeders said:

      Yes,it has been a while hasn’t it! 🙂 Hope you had a good time where ever you where!

      Memorial benches, there are some here on the island too. The ‘riding’ probably means he was a biker?

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