Sea breath comes in damp ashore,
Telling, whispering of death,
The waves are lamed already
And from where I stand what is left, is just me,
Is just bone and flesh and tears that rest
Alone in mist in tender thoughts and faded hope.

I’m looking between North and West
and see no end and no beginning.
Another funeral goes by my house today.
The church bell tired in the Winter air
The mist horn crying, longing too
For this one year to go away and die.


Comments on: "2016" (14)

  1. Beautiful poetry, even in the sadness.

  2. This is so beautiful and full of honest and sincere observations that I am almost lost for words. My thoughts are always with you x

  3. That second stanza especially is great imagery!

  4. … and I know what you mean, this has been an annus horribilis with bells on! 😦

  5. Poignant, sad, but your honesty always makes beautiful poetry. I know the last couple of years have been hard for you. May 2017 be easier on you and your family and bring you joy and healing and blessings. XO ❤

    • inaschroderszeeders said:

      Thank you very much Diane! Best wishes for you in the new year too! ❤ xxx

  6. I am glad 2016 has gone away, Ina. It was a particularly devastating year for you. I know when my son Kevin died the only thing that kept me together spiritually and mentally was writing poetry. You never get over some things, though. Still, this is a great poem.

    • inaschroderszeeders said:

      Thank you very much Tom. Yes, it was and is difficult to accept and move on, but writing poetry helps.

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