Words to think away

Words bind us with shared values:
You know what I mean, yet we have never met.

Although not everything can be said,
We can tell about the weight of light,
The sound of colours, the dance
of mountains seen from a train.

Confront us with our past in words
and we will cry again.
Give comfort using the same tools.

In grief lies the darkness that can be lifted,
Its weight can be turned into light
In words said by others,
In thinking away. I love words.


Comments on: "Words to think away" (6)

  1. You and I both love words, I know, and the nuance of colour and perception they can communicate so subtly to people with who we are in tune even if we haven’t met. That’s how I think of you and other talented and feeling people I have connected with through the web x

    • inaschroderszeeders said:

      Thank you very much Peter. Words can be so helpful, yet not always sufficient. The more words we know, the easier it should get πŸ™‚ I am glad to have read many of your stories. x

  2. Beautiful poetry.

  3. nettie Schroders. said:

    Mooi Ina.

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