When, like there is an earthquake, I feel love,
And aftershock by aftershock goes on, my mind
Is only living in the moment.

So much there is not to be thought,
No word is needed and no promise made.
I find a fact of life I had not sought.

Without a claim the feeling stays with me,
I am contented in so many ways, renewed
And yes, I meant it every time
To happen as you made it.

Comments on: "Afternoon" (8)

  1. nettie Schroders. said:

    Mooi gedicht Ina.

  2. Ah, great poem Ina. The meaning is really strong.

  3. Really beautiful.

  4. The poem itself begins with the suddenness and strength of an earthquake. And I like your title Ina: there’s a puzzle in that, and a pleasing one. An earthquake can disturb a quiet afternoon. So the reader is left pleasantly speculating as to the afternoon and its revelation of love.

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