The circle

Left on her own
a few weeks after the funeral
she realised life
is not a line
but more so
it is a circle
and the curve
is just about right.

Finding a rhythm
she discovered a new world,
and new eyes, new fingers
as she moved the ring
from one hand to the other
so it would rest above her own
and it didn’t fall,
it did not get lost.


Comments on: "The circle" (18)

  1. As always, beautiful with layer upon layer of resonance. Such a moving piece. Thoughts are always with you

  2. Spot on Ina! I adore it! It’s perfect and such a great thought. So glad to hear it. Hugs!

  3. Deeply beautiful.

  4. Especially like that first stanza, how it sets up so eloquently the object of the ring.

  5. nettie Schroders. said:

    Heel mooi Ina, Het Ritme van je eigen leven met je geliefde aan de andere zijde.
    Is inderdaad niet een rechte lijn, maar je komt weer steeds terug in die ene cirkel.Hoe mooi het was jullie aan elkaars zijde. Hij ziet neer van de andere zijde en is trots op zijn geliefde. Nog veel sterkte.

  6. Well done Ina, brave soul. This is a very tender poem.

  7. As time passes mourning is not as dominant, but it is still there. I think you are right, Ina. Life after someone so close to us that they are part of us passes is like a ring. You can move the ring, symbol of love and faithfulness, but it is still there, symbolism our own passage through time toward the beginning of when we were born. A beautiful poem.

  8. I read and reread your graceful words because they are so full of love and they bring me peace

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