Apart from you

Cut off my limbs, torn out my heart –
no it feels worse, a toothache rotting into bone.
Alone, a borrowed dog, a caged blue bird and me.

You should not, but you do: you kindly fade away,
so out of reach, beyond control,
your legacy keeps changing colours.

Sometimes I think you spoke
of love in Spanish.

I need to grow new arms, new legs, new memories,
become a newer creature.

Apart from you I’m not myself it seems.


Comments on: "Apart from you" (14)

  1. Beautiful Ina.

  2. So heartfelt and moving. My thoughts go out to you x

  3. nettie Schroders. said:

    Ina een mooi gedicht,niets is meer wat het was.
    Heel veel sterkte meid.
    Lieve groet Nettie.

  4. I like how the parts of the body are also parts of the memory. They speak so well of the pain of separation. And that third line, very nice. Such powerful metaphors too.

  5. Hang in there Ina. The pain will not fully go away, but it does become easier over time. What a poet you are. When my son died I wrote 47 sonnets. It helped. The form forced me to use the analytical parts of my brain while still stirring up the creative parts. That helped me through some days that still seem so terribly, terribly dark. This is powerful.

  6. It would seem, in the end, we have no choice but to live with the pain and beauty of life and death. I’m inspired by your brave sharing, thank you Ina and warm hugs my friend

  7. Oh dear, Ina; oh dear.

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