For cherishing and admiration: as you choose –
Find the right shell on the beach, no,
Find two! And each of them must be salt. For taste.

Keep them close to your heart
Or in your hands in your pockets, one each,
In a jar, in a box, for months to come.

Look at them during storms, caress them,
Smell them, taste them.
You will be in that breeze on the beach each time

To cherish and to admire, meanwhile knowing that
What you decided then and there was your decision
And only you can keep the shells, or crash them.

Comments on: "Find" (14)

  1. This is very beautiful.

  2. I kept hundreds. They are piled in an old Chinese pot on my patio. They never look the way I found them except when it rains.
    When I put your poem to my ear I hear the ocean.

    • 🙂 That is lovely. I have a collection too. They have such great watery colours and perfect shapes 🙂 and their find has always given me pleasure.

  3. That’s very nice Ina!

  4. I’ve always wondered why we have the urge to keep and collect shells…..

  5. Beautiful! The last 2 lines say this is so much more than this is about the shells …

  6. Such a pretty picture, that choice is like selecting shells. I love the sensory overload of this one.

  7. We have a lot of stones, shells, and other momentos of places around the house, Ina. I think you’re right in telling us why we do that in this poem.

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