Morning sound

In the silence of the morning
While you remain asleep upstairs, there is
Laundry mumbling. One car
Passing by in sudden noise.
Trees, I hear their presence.
I hear blood streaming in my ears.
Soundless birds float over houses.

Already the day has told me
All I should know: trees can talk
By means of storm; my streaming blood
Speaks in a humming way; there is
A choice to listen or to not to what they say
And you can be asleep until it’s noon:
Upstairs, unaware of voice, but sound.


Comments on: "Morning sound" (11)

  1. This is beautiful

  2. Lovely example of introspective observation subtly described.

  3. Very lovely…

  4. “laundry mumbling” – just one of the many wonderful sounds you hear in the morning. That first stanza especially, I could listen to it all day.

  5. sometimes it’s all so real and so very treasured…you speak the clarity with deep heart Ina, thank you xo

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