I want the world to let me be
As I shall let the world

(There is enough said about what is going on in the world, just google the right words if you want more. I am disgusted, feel for the victims, and go on with living. That is my act of resistance.)


Comments on: "Resistance" (18)

  1. I understand. We are faced with a violence and hatred which challenges almost any attempt to understand it and I fear we have some time to go before this rage has run its course. Your words always move me

    • Thank you Peter. Hoping for a better time for the world!

      • I thought it was well worth saying, and its prompted me to say something myself, but in all honesty I am filled with horror, sadness and bewilderment and very little understanding about how people can act as these men have done. Its just horrible

        • No understanding from me for the killers at all. My anger is larger than my fear. Ignoring the idiots is the next best thing to do to them, the best thing is a bit complicated perhaps. And honouring the death is the best for them.

  2. Me too. I understand completely.

  3. Seems everyone understands the magnitude and intensity of the problem except the President of the United States.

    • He is reluctant to bomb in Syria. I just hope he knows what he is doing. ( Me not being an expert at warfare)

  4. [For a while I’ll just be clicking ‘like’. Sleep cycle so disturbed I’m nearly demented. Can’t comment on stuff.]

  5. Illegitimi non carborundum ❤

    • cras amet qui nunquam amavit; quique amavit, cras amet ❤

      • my old daddy used to say, “tomorrow never comes, so fix what is broken with golden glue today”

        • That is true, isn’t it? It is never tomorrow 🙂 My mother used to say: if it came by itself, it will go away by itself. I always disputed that but as a motto for life, it worked for her. Mine is : so far, so good. 🙂

          • I don’t completely understand it but I really love your mum’s, “if it came by itself, it will go away by itself”. It’s a wonderful riddle and sounds as if it may contain great wisdom. If you disputed it you must have understood what she meant. What do you think she meant Ina? I like yours also. It’s simple and optimistic. Mine seems to change every day. Today it’s, “I’m still here, now what?”

            • 🙂 well it had to do with health issues
              usually. She never went to see a doctor.
              She was very down to earth.
              I can understand your motto.
              Sometimes it seems as if life is done,
              but it isn’t till you say so 🙂

            • It’s more nuanced, more like, in the morning mirror, “YAY, I’m still here, I wonder what magic will emerge next ..” Life is never done, even when it is…

            • Yay! 🙂 I like the optimism in that!

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