In the dungeon of time

There is a change going on every day, for
All mornings start with a shift in the mirror,
The glass has a different layer underneath.

A tremble goes through the calendar, see how
Trees slowly die for the Winter
Moving away from the past.

Second by second, better or worse
Your body is taken over,
Newer, different, slowly you change.

In the dungeon of time the hungry dragon
Called oblivion waits, as the orange leaves go
And blue mirrors forget their dead owners.


Comments on: "In the dungeon of time" (4)

  1. The “Dungeon of Time” is a brilliant concept. I’m certainly living there. MY only time off is afforded by imagination 🙂

  2. I love those little trembles you include all along the way to the ending, and those leaves, such a perfect marker for the edge of oblivion and the coming of the dragon.

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