In the moment

Watching a sunrise
in the Moroccan desert
all the colours of heat,
smelling spices,
so much
to take in
and I wonder
where to pee.

Making love,
we even have candle’s burning
that has the colour of passion
and there is piano music
coming from the neighbours garden
and I crave chocolate
bad enough to leave you
and go downstairs.

Getting stitches
all the way in my arse,
while thinking
of a pink dress
I once had.
How careful I was
not to make it dirty
as the needle goes in and out.

(This poem was published in The Journal #36, May 2012)

Comments on: "In the moment" (2)

  1. The way you weave one thought inside another to mirror exactly how our musings flit from one thing to another, spurred on my memories and associations is remarkable. You are, without doubt, a most delightful and acute observer of life lived in the reflective lane 🙂

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