I shall not do this

The lines between us spoken, no pauses,
Keep us together for a while, for this time, but
What happens if we stop
Talking about weather and work and politics (such matter that doesn’t),
When silence takes over the space between us,
Rudely digging in mines of what is our distance? I could do.
This, and still be here with you, but you? We are apart.
I shall not do this. Not start.
I think it might rain, but the
Fish tasted nice, don’t go yet.
Hold this frail silver line
To safety as I shall rescue you
As you shall rescue me.


Comments on: "I shall not do this" (8)

  1. A very poignant poem Ina, beautifully expressed and bringing with it the everyday things in life, like the eating of fish. ❀️ xx

  2. nettie Schroders. said:

    Dit is o zo waar,maar wat kan jij mooie muziek maken met woorden.
    Liefs Nettie.

  3. So beautifully poignant and sad. I am always moved when I read your delicate verses

  4. I like the way you use those short, staccato lines for effect.

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