The walk

The battlefields are covered up with roses
Where we go, a Viking ship is sailing
through the sky.

We walk together but how far are we? We only
Know each other’s company, how many poses
Do we take in turn, to not let go?

The Spanish guitar whispers about death
But does so calmly as we watch the sun set burn.
And feel, you say, feel this fading evening flow.
The gentle, heavy load.

Moving on across the high grass fields
Till darkness comes, we face
The final forking of the unknown road.


Comments on: "The walk" (12)

  1. Such an irony, that first line, isn’t it…

  2. The other day someone said to me “Take the road less travelled!” It took some time before I realised he was telling me to get lost!

    I do like today’s poem.

  3. Terribly sad…but immaculately worded…

  4. Superb image of sad stage

  5. melancholic and beautifully phrased of course.

  6. A sad walk I feel, Ina, and a sad but beautiful expression of it; just lovely ❤️ Xxx

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