There is a moment in the night I know
When moonlight stills the hunger for romance,
When death no longer is where we shall go.

Walk on through this forgotten time by chance
Where rules of others bother us no more.
We can’t be hurt here, so let’s do that dance
As if we never danced, nor lived before.

This special moment in the night is ours.
We have our eyes closed, and some more in store
For when we can not sleep in the wee hours.

While sharing dreams we are where we can’t go
But smell them, smell the sweetest scents of flowers.
We have been here for evenings on a row:
There is a moment in the night I know.


Comments on: "A moment in the night I know" (16)

  1. I know it too, Ina….

  2. This is fabulous Ina ❤️ Xxx

  3. Beautiful writing, but a shame you know it so well

  4. thefeatheredsleep said:

    Really lovely

  5. nettie Schroders. said:

    Ina deze is super mooi,daar kan zich iedereen zich in vinden,geweldig.

  6. A beautiful one Ina. 🙂

  7. Thank you. Sorry for the late response. I hope you had a good weekend too 🙂

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