We need rooms, to keep an oversight, and name them. In one room
We have the bookcase. This is the world as we would like,
With comfy chairs and views over the neighbours well-kept garden. Library.

There is a room with no windows
Where we do the things our body requires
but we lowe. Let’s not mention them. Toilet.

There is a room where we sleep.
Where we make love. Dream.
Have nightmares, get babies. Air this one a lot. Bedroom.

When we mix up the rooms, and start to have nightmares in the library,
Sleep in the toilet or do the unmentionable things in the kitchen,
No, it is not time to move to patted walls. We change the room names and go on. Living.


Comments on: "Rooms" (6)

  1. Brilliantly put

  2. Does this deserve a –smile–?

  3. Thanks. I now see where I’ve been going wrong all my life.

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